Here you’ll find technical support for using the Challenge platform. Do you have questions to add to the list?  You can reach us via: or by posting a question on our Facebook page with #ClimateActionChallenge.

  • I’ve submitted my project. Now what? As soon as an entry is submitted, it is sent into moderation. This is when a moderator from the WDCD Challenge Team reviews your project and determines if you meet all the general guidelines requested within the idea submission form. You will only not be approved if you are missing profile/idea information or if your idea is not relevant to the Challenge.
  • When do I move to the next phase? After the initial approval, entries that are made public will be added to the platform’s project gallery. Ideas benefit from feedback; and so we encourage all users to comment and react on each other’s projects. On 28 of August 2017, all approved entries will be closed for editing and moved to the Nominate phase, where a selection committee will judge the entries and establish a shortlist. All dates and information relating to the Challenge process are located on the Process page.
  • How does the Nominate phase work and how will the shortlist be created? The Challenge selection committee is comprised of members of What Design Can Do, IKEA Foundation, Autodesk Foundation, Social Enterprise NL and various creative professionals, climate and business experts.  During the Nominate phase they will put together a shortlist of top ideas in each track based on the feedback from the community and moderators. Besides this, every entry will be considered and evaluated on the judging criteria: Creativity, Relevance, Feasibility, Scalability, Excitement and Commitment. The nominees will be announced on 19 September 2017.
  • Who will select the winners? An international jury of leading experts in design, social enterprise and climate sciences & policy will judge the refined proposals by the nominees. The first jury members will be announced soon! The final round of judgement will take place during the Dutch Design Week. The winners from the three tracks are announced on 28 September.
  • Can I share my idea on social media? Yes! We encourage you to share your idea across social media. But please do mention that users MUST be logged in to comment on ideas. Everyone can register for the platform and participate in the Challenge.
  • I want to join forces with another participant. How can I do that? You can link other users as team members to your project. This option can be found in the editing view of your project page. Their names will appear on the right sidebar of your project page – though each project can only have 1 primary maker.
  • My project is not visible – what’s wrong?  In the submission form, entrants must indicate if their idea is visible only to jury members, to all logged in users, or to the public. You can adjust your project’s settings at any time in the Initiate phase. If your idea is still not visible, it may have been quarantined due to language identified by the platform. If a problem persists, please contact a moderator.
  • My project has not moved to the next phase – what can I do? Ideas which have not been selected to move onto the next phase, are labeled as ‘Archived’. They will still be visible in our project gallery, unless makers indicate otherwise. Projects which have been ‘Archived’ are no longer editable, but you can always contact us with any special requests.