Meet the teams

Designers often find it natural to view the world around them in a different way. That gift enables them to see problems from a fresh perspective, and that can form the starting point for a new approach. Designers call that ‘reframing’ a problem. This strength is badly needed when it comes to a complex problem like the sexual exploitation of children. In addition, designers are more capable than anybody else of working with experts with a thorough knowledge of the subject, to come up with new ideas to prevent and combat the problem. Designers can therefore make invaluable contributions that others cannot offer. But we cannot do that alone. That’s why WDCD and the DPPS set up this ‘design challenge’. The challenge provides a framework that makes it possible for experts to work together on this extremely difficult subject. Luckily, designers are specialists at working together with other disciplines and ensuring that various disciplines work with one another. The research that preceded No Minor Thing has already been put through a design process  with several expert sessions. Now it’s down to these carefully selected design teams to propose meaningful interventions.

WDCD has invited both established and newer design studios as well as students to get involved in this challenge. We have picked our teams carefully and payed attention to getting diverse group of designers. Therefore the No Minor Thing designers come from various disciplines and have different backgrounds.