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Track: Professional
Location: The Netherlands
Approach: Communications

No Place for Sex Trafficking

No Place for Sex Trafficking

No Place for Sex Trafficking is a certification programme rewarding hospitality services that are committed to actively preventing sex trafficking. Through our online platform, staff at hotels, bars and restaurants, as well as taxi drivers, can follow interactive training courses and learn how to spot the signs of sex trafficking. By doing so, their employers will obtain a certificate and a package of print and digital materials which they can use to communicate their social responsibility and create awareness amongst their customers, including potential buyers of sex. This will be supported by a communication campaign that will raise awareness in society of sex trafficking.

Long Description

The certification programme can be accessed through an online platform (, which hosts interactive online training developed for businesses such as hotels and holiday parks –No Room for Sex Trafficking– bars and restaurants –No Table for Sex Trafficking– and taxi drivers –No Ride for Sex Trafficking. The online platform provides information specific to these branches of the hospitality industry, as well as giving access to the interactive training courses lasting around 30 minutes, through which professionals can easily learn how to spot the signs of sexual exploitation and how to take action when they do so. In addition, the platform is directed at society at large, and offers information to allow everybody to learn key facts about sex trafficking.

The online platform keeps track of the number of a company’s employees who have completed the training, and once more than 60% have done so, the company is awarded a certificate and receives a package containing digital and printed communication materials that can be displayed around their facilities, on their website and/or social media. By having a certificate and the possibility to communicate this, hospitality businesses can create awareness among employees, clients and guests who might not otherwise be concerned about sex trafficking. Most importantly, a warning sign will be sent to potential sex buyers and criminal organizations.

No Place for Sex Trafficking will be supported by a social media and outdoor campaign which will consist of a massive guerrilla spreading of do-not-disturb flyers, taxi stickers, drinks coasters and made-up rolling hotels and restaurants, which will tour around Amsterdam providing information.

What’s next?
The certification programme for hotels and holiday parks would be the first part of the project to be implemented. The design concept has been developed and Defence for Children has expressed their willingness to connect their new online training for hotels to our digital platform; we would still need to discuss the details of how this connection would be achieved. Hotels such as the Lloyd Hotel and Hotel de l’Europe have confirmed that they would be willing to join this certification programme, while Accor Group and Ibis Hotels are open to finding ways to collaborate, as they are already passionately and actively working on the prevention of sex trafficking.

Once there is funding in order to make this project happen, we would keep on developing partnerships with other hotels and holiday parks and continue producing the final designs, the online platform and communication campaign. The next stage would then be to also develop partnerships and training courses for taxi drivers, bars and restaurants.

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